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Kickstart Your Online Presence with Our All-in-One Hugo and CMS Package

Our comprehensive package includes everything you need for a quick start of your website: the powerful Hugo website generator combined with our user-friendly CMS, all packed into a convenient tarball. With this package, you’re just a few steps away from creating and managing your own professional website. Here’s how to get started:

Easy Start in Just Three Steps:

  1. Unpack the Package: Download our tarball and unpack it directly into your web hosting’s working directory. In this package, you’ll find a pre-arranged structure with all the necessary directories – no additional setup required.

  2. Configure Your Hosting: Adjust your hosting’s document directory to point to the public directory within the unpacked package. This simple adjustment ensures your website is displayed correctly.

  3. Get Started Right Away: Once the configuration is complete, you can access your website via your own domain, use the CMS, and start designing your content. Everything is set up for you to start without delay.

We’re Here to Support You:

If you need further guidance, our detailed installation guide is available to assist you. This guide will take you through every step of the process – from the initial setup to the publication of your website.

With our All-in-One package, creating and managing a professional website has never been easier. Start now and explore the possibilities offered by our HugoCMS package.